Azuree-LovelyI know that many writers of erotic stories choose not to use their own names for various reasons, but I chose to use mine because I feel that it makes a number of statements about my work.

First, I am not ashamed to be writing about sex. I feel that sex is a vital part of life least of all because it is necessary to continue the species through procreation. Rather, it is important because I think it is largely through sex that we begin to develop our adult identities. Also, this development always occurs against the backdrop of society. In other words, I think sex is an incredibly relatable and controversial topic deserving of respect.

Second, if I later choose to explore writing in other genres, then I prefer to be known for them all under my own name. I know that popular opinion dictates the creation of a brand (pen name) specific to each separate genre in order to avoid confusing the expectations of readers. Frankly, I like to think of my readers as more discerning than that and I hope they will forgive me for, as I assume they are each complex in their own interests, so too am I.

Finally, by using my name, I become accountable for what I put into the world. While it is not my intention to offend anyone, I cannot help but grapple, explore, and comment on what I consider to be meaningful issues. I do try to keep an open mind and sometimes my opinions change over time, but I think anonymous commentary is often viewed as less valuable.

So, at the end of the day, if my stories have provided some entertainment or inspired a conversation, then I think my time was well spent.

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